Ramesh Chauhan Biography – Age, Height, Daughter, Wife, Company

Ramesh Chauhan Biography – Ramesh Chauhan is an Indian businessman. He was born on 17 June 1940 in Mumbai, India. His age is 82 years. she is very famous. Which people still like today.

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Ramesh Chauhan Biography

Ramesh Chauhan Biography – Ramesh Chauhan is an Indian businessman. He was born on 17 June 1940 in Mumbai, India. He was the owner of Bisleri Company. His daughter refused to continue with the company and Ramesh Chauhan sold the company to Tata for 7000 crores. His daughter’s name is Jayanti Chauhan. According to the year 2022, his age is 82 years.

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Ramesh Chauhan Biography – Age, Height

Real NameRamesh J Chauhan
Nick NameRamesh Chauhan
Affairs/BoyfriendsNot known
Famous AsBisleri Owner

Personal Details

Birth PlaceMumbai, India
Date Of Birth17 June 1940
Zodiac SignLeo
HometownMumbai, Maharashtra, India
College/UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Education Mechanical Engineering and Business Management

Family Details

Father NameMr Jayantilal Chauhan
Mother NameMrs Jaya Chauhan
Wife NameZainab Chauhan
ChildrenDaughter  – Jayanti Chauhan

Physical Appearance

Height164cm | 1.64meters | 5″4
Weight75 kg
Age (2022)82 year old
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack

Ramesh Chauhan Family

His parents lived with Ramesh Chauhan’s family. His Father’s name is Mr Jayantilal Chauhan and Mother’s name is Mrs Jaya Chauhan.

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Ramesh Chauhan Career

Ramesh Chauhan is a very big businessman in India. He started his business with water. When he started this, people asked him who would buy the water. You must have come to know whom I am talking about. We are going to talk about when Bisleri came to India and now in the year 2022, why did Ramesh Chauhan sell his company?

Bisleri started from a small police station in Mumbai. Earlier she did not sell water but used to sell prayer to die of malaria. The person who started Bisleri was Felice Bisleri. He died in 1921. After this, Dr. Rossi became the owner of Bisleri, who was a doctor by profession but a businessman who could think.

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Bisleri’s first water plant was established in 1965 at a small police station in Mumbai. India had become independent at that time. People thought him mad. Then the cost of a bottle of Bisleri was Re 1.

At that time the condition of the water in Mumbai was very bad. The poor used to drink this water, but for the rich, Bisleri water was no less than nectar. Bisleri initially entered the Indian market with Bisleri Water and Bisleri Soda. It was found only in rich people and expensive hotels.

The owner of this company thought that success could not be achieved by selling it to only one class of people. After some time, Bisleri got the common people also used to it. The water of this company used to sell more than soda. Because of this Khushiro, Santokh did not see any profit in the water business. He decided to sell this company and this bad spread like the wind in India.

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This news went back to the Chauhan brothers. He was earlier the owner of Parle-G. Four years later, in 1969, Ramesh Chauhan bought Bisleri for 4 lakhs. After which Bisleri started with 5 water plants. In 1970, Ramesh Chauhan entered the market with two brands of Bisleri, Bubbly, Steel, and Bisleri Soda.

Now the owner and research team of Bisleri company started searching for how to get the common people used to Bisleri water. After some time, his research team discovered that there are railway stations, bus stands, and d

Dhabas on the road. Due to the lack of good quality water, people only buy soda and drink it. After this Bisleri increased the supply of its Bisleri water. To sell Bisleri more, it also got its brand promotion done. Its market value in the year 2019 was 24 billion. Which increased to 60 billion in the year 2023

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Ramesh Chauhan Bisleri Net Worth

Ramesh Chauhan bought this company for 4 lakhs. Its net worth in the year 2019 was 24 billion. Which increased to 60 billion in the year 2023. Which is ₹ 4,900,704,420.00 in Indian Rupees

Why Ramesh Chauhan wants to sell Bisleri?

Ramesh Chauhan had to sell his company by doing this. He has told in the interview that his daughter Jayanti Chauhan does not take any interest in the business. Due to this Ramesh Chauhan had to sell his Bisleri company.

Who is the owner of Bisleri?

The owner of Bisleri was Ramesh Chauhan, but due to the refusal of his daughter Jayanti Chauhan to take the company forward, Ramesh sold this company to Tata Group for 7000 thousand crores.

Ramesh Chauhan Wife

Ramesh Chauhan is married to Zainab Chauhan. He has a daughter. Whose name is Jayanti Chauhan

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FAQ ABOUT Ramesh Chauhan Biography

Who is current owner of Bisleri?

Ramesh Chauhan

Who started Bisleri in India?

Ramesh Chauhan

Is Bisleri Indian company?

does not have Indian origins

Who is the CEO of Bisleri in India?

Jayanti Chauhan


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