Top 10 Beautiful Actress

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Top 10 Beautiful Actress

1. Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone is one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. He was born on 5 January 1986. His fan following is very much. She is the most beautiful actress from all the actors. You can read your biography.

2. Priyanka Chopra

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priyanka chopra husband is Nick Jonas. He is a singer and songwriter. priyanka chopra is a famous Bollywood actress. She is the Big Actress of Bollywood. Priyanka Chopra has a lot of fan following. Priyanka Chopra was born on 18 July 1982. Priyanka Chopra is the highest paid actress.

3. Katrina Kaif

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Katrina Kaif is a famous and beautiful actress in the Bollywood industry. Katrina Kaif was born on 16 July 1983 in Hong Kong. Katrina Kaif’s childhood name was Katrina Turquotte. Katrina Kaif’s friends are also called Kaif Kat, Katz Katy, and Sambo. Katrina Kaif’s childhood witch si, then her parents changed the country, think oh Kartina Kaif and Kaif’s siblings went to different countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, China, France, Japan, and other countries.

4. Kiara Advani

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Kiara Advani is a famous Bollywood actress and model. Kiara Advani has turned 30 years old. She is a very beautiful actress. Kiara Advani has a lot of fan following. He was born on 31 July 1992. Kiara Advani has completed her schooling from Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai. Kiara Advani was excellent in studies. He had secured 92% marks in class 12th. People love every one of his movies.

5. Alia Bhatt.

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Alia Bhatt is a famous female actress in Bollywood. People like every movie of Alia Bhatt very much. Alia Bhatt’s movie earns a lot of money at the box office. Alia Bhatt has a lot of fan following. Alia Bhatt was born on 15 March 1993. Alia Bhatt’s father’s name is Mahesh Bhatt. who is a director?

Alia Bhatt made her debut with Sangharsh. Alia Bhatt has completed her schooling at Jamnabai Narsee School, Mumbai. Alia Bhatt has worked very hard. to get to this point.

6. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma
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Anushka Sharma Age is 34 years. Anushka Sharma is a famous and beautiful actress of Bollywood. Anushka Sharma was born on 1 May 1988 in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India. Anushka Sharma has completed her schooling from Army School. His fan following is very much. Anushka Sharma has completed bachelor‘s and master’s degree program from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. Anushka Sharma started her career as a model.

7. Shraddha Kapoor

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Shraddha Kapoor age is 35 years old. Shraddha Kapoor is a famous Bollywood actress. She is a very beautiful actress. His father is a famous actor in the Bollywood industry, Villian. Shraddha Kapoor’s father has worked in many hit movies. Shraddha Kapoor was born on 3 March 1987 in Mumbai Maharashtra India.

8. Sara Ali Khan

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Sara Ali Khan age is 27 years. He was born on 12 August 1995 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is Bollywood’s superstar and beautiful actress Sara Ali Khan. Sara Ali Khan is one of the new actresses in Bollywood. Sara Ali Khan’s father’s name is Saif Ali Khan. He is a superstar actor in Bollywood. Sara Ali Khan has a lot of fan following.

9. Kriti Sanon

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Kriti Sanon is a Bollywood superstar actress. Kriti was born on 27 July 1990 in New Delhi, India. Kriti Sana’s acting very skills are great. Kriti used to take an interest in acting during school days. She wanted to become an actress since childhood.

10 . Ananya Pandey

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Ananya Pandey age has become 24 years, she was born on 30 October 1998 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. His father’s name is Chunky Panday. His fan following is very much. Ananya Pandey is a beautiful actress. People like every photo of them very much. its looks so beautiful.


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