TVF Pitchers Cast | TVF Pitchers Season 2 Release Date

Naveen Kasturia whose real name is Naveen Bansal in the lead role in TVF Pitchers Cast, we are going to give you information about TVF Pitchers Cast, TVF Pitchers Season 2 Releasing Date, and their main characters in this post.

What is TVF Pitchers Series

TVF Pitchers is a very famous Indian TV series, this series is based on the story of four friends who start their own startup named “Pragati. A.I”. In this series, it has been told how any company is taken from zero to 100. In this, you are going to get very good business information.

Without this, whoever watches this series, the thought of knowing the cast of TVF pitchers definitely comes to their mind. That’s why we have tried to give you all the information about the cast of TVF pitchers in our post.

TVF Pitchers Cast



Real Name – Naveen Kasturia

Cast Name – Naveen Bansal


Real Name – Abhay Mahajan

Cast Name – Saurabh Mandal


Real Name – Abhishek Banerjee

Cast Name – Bhati


Real Name – Ashish Vidarthy

Cast Name – KC Desai


Real Name – Arunabh Kumar

Cast Name – Yogendra Kumar Pandey


Real Name – Gopal Datt

Cast Name – Ravi Ram Rastogi


Real Name – Ridhi Dogra

Cast Name – Prachi (Investor)



Real Name – Ronjini Chakraborty

Cast Name – Aparajita (Appu)


Real Name – Sikandar Kher

Cast Name – Prabhas Mehta


Talha -Siddiqui

Real Name – Talha Siddiqui

Cast Name – The Big Man

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Cast of TVF Pitchers

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