Who is Leo Kalyan, Biography, Age, Net Worth and Sonam Kapoor Relation

Leo Kalyan is a British Pakistani singer-songwriter, model, and music producer.

He has modeled for fashion designer Rahemur Rahman, who premiered his first collection at London Fashion Week 2019, known for producing music for the designer.

Leo Kalyan Wiki

Leo Kalyan Biography

Leo Kalyan is a British Pakistani Singer. His real name is Leo Kalyan. His date of birth is not known. He took birth in London, United Kingdom.

Quick Info Leo Kalyan

Birth - 14th January 1991 Age - 31 years Nationality - British Birth Place - London, England, United Kingdom

Sonam and Leo Relation

Leo Kalyan was seen performing at the get-together at Sonam Kapoor’s baby shower.He is sharing the inside video of his performance

Leo Kalyan Career

He is a British Indian- Pakistani music artist who Blends Eastern and Western Beats to celebrate Being Queer.His emotional, soulful sounds together in his single ” Trevi Fountain.

Leo Kalyan Net Worth

Leo Kalyan is a British- Pakistani Musician. His net worth is approximately $ 5-10Million.

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